Internal window blinds can pose a risk to babies and small children who could injure or strangle themselves on looped operating cords and chains. All of Oceanair’s bespoke child safety designs are tested as required to meet child safety standards.

You can take a number of practical, simple precautions to significantly reduce the risk.

New Blinds

When choosing new blinds for homes or places where babies or small children live or visit, always choose an Oceanair blind that does not contain cords or chains or has concealed cords, such as in the examples below.


Available across the Oceanair range (including SKYSOL, SKYVENETIAN, SKYSCREEN, ROMANBLIND, Curtains and Roller Collection) powered blind systems are the safest option, with no operating cords or chains.

Dependent on blind type, Oceanair safety devices will be fitted as standard.

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Contact Oceanair for the best possible advice on the most appropriate blinds, many of which do not contain operating cords or chains. We will also be pleased to give you further information on ways to make your existing blinds safer.