Oceanair proudly received a ‘Special Mention’ at the DAME Design Awards for the newly launched Brush & Stow: the innovative cleaning brush, designed to tackle the challenges posed by marine bathrooms, such as excessive motion, limited space and wet-room style bathroom design.

Entered in to the ‘Interior equipment, furnishings, materials and electrical fittings used in cabins’ category, the Brush & Stow was recognised for its innovative design. The Jury commended the product for addressing all the disadvantages normally associated with using a toilet brush aboard a boat, and the design proved that the most basic of equipment can still benefit from great design. 

Ian Howarth, Oceanair’s Sales Director, commented; “We are proud to be solving small issues that make a big impact on the comfort and enjoyment of the boat user. The Brush & Stow does exactly this and it is fantastic to be recognised for this by the prestigious DAME Design Awards Jury.”

The Brush & Stow is the latest addition to Oceanair’s range of bathroom accessories which aims to enhance user experience within yacht heads, where a cleaner environment makes for a more comfortable stay.  Brush & Stow will be particularly beneficial to charter companies, where time will be saved on cleaning when turning yachts over, which is notoriously challenging; often, toilet brushes have been knocked over or overflowed, spilling spoiled water into the yacht head, which can also seep below floorboards, causing rot and unwanted odours.

Brush & Stow will be available in shops from January 2017, alongside DRYROLL, a hugely successful innovation which tackles the issue of wet and damp toilet tissue in yacht heads. To find out more email salesenquiries [at] oceanair.co.uk