Why Choose Powered?

Oceanair can provide a powered upgrade for any of our blind styles, whether it is pleated, roller, roman, curtain or hatch screen. Powered blinds are the perfect choice for hard to reach, difficult to access areas. They also provide luxurious effortless comfort. Now, with the introduction of the Oceanair motor range, powered blinds are an affordable luxury for anyone!

All Oceanair blinds adhere to current child safety regulations, but cording and manual controls are not necessary on powered blinds, making them the safest blinds to use in spaces with children.


What Oceanair blinds are available powered?

Are electronic blinds noisy?

Powered systems we work with




What Oceanair blinds are available powered?


The classic pleated blind from Oceanair comes in a powered version for appliction on both windows and sunroofs, meaning you can create a perfectly co-ordinated interior. Whether you prefer subtle single pleat privacy fabric, or stylish double pleat honeycomb blackout, we have an option for you..

SKYSOL Classic - Perfect for angled or shaped windows. 

SKYSOL Honeycomb - Ideal if you like a crisp look, with no visible cording. 

SKYSOL Day/Night - For windows in well used rooms, giving you flexibility on light and privacy control.

SKYSOL Track - Suited for larger sunroofs, concealed smartly within the headlining.

SKYSOL Frame - Perfect for small to medium sized sunroofs.






Roller Concealed

Perfect for hatches that are hard to reach, Roller Concealed Powered provides a stylish and easy to control system for you. The blind is hidden discretely within the headlining, ideal for the smartest of finishes.







Skyview - Ideal for living spaces, where soft light diffusion can create atmosphere in the morning and evening. The ability to tilt the fabric slats like a venetian gives you flexibility on privacy control.

Windowshade - Perfect for hard to reach sunroofs, where the fabric is held taught between side track zips, allowing for a smooth covering that blends into the interior. The perfect roller alternative to our pleated roof blinds.

Openshade - Ideal for small or large windows. 








Curtains - Powered curtains are the perfect solution for particularly long windows, or heavy fabrics, making operation effortless.

Romanblinds - Where reaching cords behind recesses can be tricky, powered roman blinds offer an easy to use luxury.

Roman Panel - Roman Panel is perfect for a soft look on angled, shaped and hard to reach windows.




Are electronic blinds noisy?

At Oceanair, we work with 3 types of motor, offering a menu to suit all budgets and functional requirements:


Available on all blinds (width dependant) but not available on curtains. Our regular motors are our most cost effective.


Available on all blinds (width dependant) except for the SKYSCREEN range, and not available on curtains. Our whisper motors benefit from being quiter than our regular motors

  Near Silent

Available on all blinds (width dependant) and curtains, with the exception of the SKYSCREEN range. Our near silent motors are the most pleasing to the ear, with minimal sound output


Powered systems we work with

Each of our motor options have their own benefits. Work with your Oceanair contact to find the best fit for your project requirements. Oceanair work with trusted suppliers Somfy and Lutron, amongst others.

Oceanair products can connect with a variety of central control systems, including KNX, AMX, Lutron Homeworks, Crestron and more. Just contact us to talk about your own specific needs.


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Why choose Oceanair motors?

  • Child Safe
  • Effortless control
  • Localiser provides precision control, stopping the blind rather than stalling to reduce wear
  • Radio remote control and wall switch can be used in unison
  • Simple programming of blinds via radio controls (wall switch or hand-held remotes available)
  • Oceanair range uses FSK technology, eliminating interference and allowing 100+ of blinds on one channel
  • The full Oceanair range of motors are FCC & CE compliant


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Measuring for your powered blinds

Use the same techinques for measuring as you would for a manual blind, and leave the rest to us! We account for headbox size, motors and accessories in our design process, ensuring you get the perfect fit every time. If you are ever unsure, or for large projects or complex blinds, Oceanair would always recommend using our specialist team of highly qualified surveyors. 


Measuring for your blinds couldn't be simpler, following our simple guides on our customer order forms. Customer Order Forms are available on the 'technical documents' tab on every product page.


  • Define where your blind will be positioned, and mark any corners with a pencil on masking tape, before commencing measurements.
  • If you are measuring a rectangle, ensure the window is not tapered, by taking 2 or 3 measurements along the x and y dimensions.
  • Always measure to the nearest mm - Do not round up to nearest cm.
  • Be clear on whether your measurements are for your blind or recess.
  • Define if your blind will be top or face fixed.
  • Note which side of the headrail you would like your wire exit point to be located.

Installing Oceanair Powered Blinds

Oceanair would always recommend using a qualified installer to fit non-retrofit items such as powered blinds; we provide our own, highly qualified installation team for this purpose. Our installers are highly experience with working with integrators and installing powered blinds, taking the worry out of the process.

Installation instructions for each product are available on the 'technical documents' tab on every product page.


  • Always ensure that the correct power supply is available and check before this is connected.
  • This can either be 12 or 24v DC, 110 or 230v AC.
  • For Sonesse 30 ensure the +24vdc connection is connected to the +24vDC supply.
  • The DC12 or 24v DC supply must be a stabilised supply, so that it remains constant.
  • For mains supply motors (110 & 230v AC), these must be connected to the supply by a qualified electrician.

Radio Controlled Blinds

  • When in user mode only press one of the three control buttons on the Transmitter at a time. If you press UP & DOWN at the same time the blind can go into programming mode (dependant on motor type)
  • Only programme one blind at a time and ensure only this one blind has power.
  • If the blind does not respond to an instruction from the transmitter, check power is going to the blind, and that the red light on the transmitter lights. Hold the transmitter close to the blind in caser the batteries are nearly run down in the transmitter.
  • If a receiver is moved from one blind to another then if a run time for a Skysol blind has been set on it, it will need to be re-set for the new blind.
  • When pairing a receiver to a transmitter only hold the prog button down on the receiver long enough for just one jog. If you repeat the pairing process, then the receiver and transmitter will become un-paired.
  • The top and bottom stops on blinds with the LW25 (24vDC) type motor cannot be changed by re-programming. These are controlled with the adjustment of the AMS stop. The only exception are Skysol blinds which are NOT AO type.
  • The top and bottom stop of Sonesse 30 & 40 RTS can be adjusted when in programme mode with the transmitter.

Wire Controlled Blinds

  • Do not connect more than ONE mains powered motor (typically Sonesse 40) to a switch.
  • For Skysol blinds with a TS-24 do not connect the three control wires together as this will put the blind into programming mode.
  • Sonesse 30 DCT – Switch connections must have no voltage (dry contact). The switch operation should be two single pole, normally open, non-interlocked, normally open switches, e.g. Vimar 20066.

Installation top tips

  • Note the full Job ID found on the packaging label for future correspondence.
  • Always check you have the correct blind before opening, measurements can be found on the label. 
  • If you have more than one blind, you will have given us a blind location and window ID number. Please check that these match your records to ensure you install the correct blind into the correct aperture. 
  • Ensure that the thickness of the boat structure at the proposed mounting position is deep enough to prevent the fixing screws from breaking through. If necessary, use shorter fixing screws than those supplied.
  • Use masking tape on the drill bit as a depth guide to avoid drilling too deep.

The Power of Blinds

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