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Entirely made to order, size, shape and design are handpicked to meet your every interior requirement.

Curtains provide a versatile and elegant way to add style and atmosphere to your yacht whilst offering varying degrees of insulation, privacy and shade. With a wide choice of linings, interlinings, shape, length, colour and fabric, curtains are an infinitely variable way to soften a yacht interior.

  • Wide collection of fabrics with sheer, privacy, blackout, thermal, fire retardant and UV reflective options available
  • Choice of linings and interlinings available
  • Manual and powered options available
  • Custom track bending service, ideal for curved surfaces
  • Attention to detail with hand stitched finish option
  • 100% marinised for the harshest environments
  • Specialist team on hand to make the selection, ordering and installation process effortless

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Headings & Tiebacks

Oceanair’s wide range of heading, tieback and holdback options enables you to choose a truly bespoke finish and style to match your every interior design need











Tab Top






Pencil Pleat







Pinch Pleat








Ripple Pleat














Curved track options available, for dealing with the bends and curves found onboard


Oceanair bend their tracks in house, working with well known blind suppliers, able to bend powered and manual tracks.

This results in the best possible cost reduction for you, cutting out the need for outsourcing.

Track Bending Machine


Control Options

A wide range of control options to suit requirements and budget.

Powered Controls

Handheld Remote

Whilst all motors are compatible with the very latest Smart Devices, a choice of stylish remote control handsets are available.



Oceanair offers a range of switches, available in a wide range of styles to suit every budget and interior design need.


Light and Temperature

Motor Options

Offering convenience, safety and security, automated blinds by Oceanair

  • Easily adjust hard-to-reach window blinds
  • Enhance child safety by eliminating the need for pull cords that are required for manual blinds
  • Fine-tune daylight, manage glare and operate blinds to adjust the light level to your preferred ambience
  • Maintain your privacy and enhance security with the addition of automatic timers and sensors
  • In-house team of electrical engineers offer consultancy, wiring advice and diagrams to simplify installation
  • Experienced installers provide a dedicated installation, programming and aftercare service

Near Silent

Embracing the latest advances in motor technology, offering a near silent and smooth deployment


Ordering Curtains from anywhere in the world could not be easier with Oceanair’s all encompassing One Stop service.

We listen and assess your needs

Click here for our Custom Order Form.

With full technical advice on hand, please send your Custom Order Form and project requirements to either your local Oceanair Distributor or the Oceanair sales team.

Detailed survey

An experienced Oceanair surveyor will carry out a detailed survey onboard your yacht, taking into account the dimensions and complexity of the window recess together with any other factors that may affect the installation and operation of the curtains.

In-house consultancy

Oceanair’s specialist in-house consultancy team are on hand to guide you through product design and fabric selection, providing wiring advice and diagrams if necessary.


Once the curtains have been manufactured, Oceanair’s experienced installation team will carry out the installation. They will ensure that the curtains operate to highest of standards, providing a dressing service for the finishing touches.

Customer Service

Oceanair’s award winning international customer service team is able to provide a full aftercare support service.


The Oceanair Fabric Collection details an extensive range of SOFT FURNISHING fabrics, offering a wide choice of textures, colours and styles to suit every taste. Our Oceanair sofrt furnishing range is seperated into 3 unique palettes, Earth, Natural and Granite, allowing you to scheme your whole interior - effortlessly!

Whilst you are free to choose from Oceanair's wide range of professional fabrics, Oceanair's experienced fabric buyers are on hand to source a fabric of your choice. As a final option, the Design and Production teams are equally comfortable working with fabrics sourced and supplied by you.

  • High quality fabrics as demanded by the harsh marine environment
  • Extensive choice, offering varying degrees of light transmission
  • Privacy and temperature regulating fabrics, from ambient light flow to complete blackout
  • Contrast fabric border option available
  • Wide range of linings and interlinings.
  • Hand stitch option available for a personalised touch
  • Oceanair are also able to work with customer supplied fabrics, or source them through our extensive supplier network

Order Samples

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Technical Data

If you require any further technical information or would like to discuss your project requirements, please do not hesitate to contact your local distributor or the Oceanair sales team.

Recommended forWindows, Doorways & Cabins
Min XManual300mm11 13/16"
Min YManual300mm11 13/16"
Powered400mm15 3/4"
Max XManual4000-6000mm157 1/2 - 236 1/4"
Powered10000mm393 11/16"
Max YManual3000mm118 1/8"
Powered3000mm118 1/8"
Product / Headrail DepthManual8-100mm5/16-3 15/16"
Powered90mm3 9/16"
Product / Headrail heightManual8-80mm5/16-3 1/8"
Powered40mm1 9/16"
Recess DepthManual80-150mm3 1/8-5 7/8"
Powered80-150mm3 1/8-5 7/8"
Fix TypeFace, top
Track curvingYes
Fabric typeSheer, privacy & blackout
Blackout curtainOptional
Fabric OptionsStandard lined, interlined and unlined
Curtain headingsTab tops, Eyelets, Pinch pleat,
Ripple pleat and pencil
Tie backs and holdbacksPlaited, Crescent, Band, Chevron,
Tassles and wide range of holdbacks
PolesWooden30, 40, 50, 63mm1 3/16, 1 9/16, 1 15/16, 2 1/2"
Metal19, 28, 35mm3/4, 1 1/8, 1 3/8"

Please note that this information is for guidance purposes only, refer to supporting technical documentation for further information or contact your local Oceanair representative.