One of our latest projects which has been incredibly exciting is a new partnership between Airstream and Tommy Bahama, a leading 'island-inspired' brand. The exclusive offering provides two distinct options in the range, the Travel Trailer and Touring Coach. SKYVENETIAN Wood has been chosen to reflect the natural vibe of the interiors, whilst working as a practical solution to suit a range of spaces, from the kitchen to the seating area.

For the kitchen, we've kept it simple with Precision controls to maintain the laid-back style and allow ease of use.

The SKYVENETIAN Precision can hold steady at any point along the guidewires, and allow for slat tilt whilst in mid-deploy position.


In the seating area, we have also opted for SKYVENETIAN Precision, as this removes any cords from cluttering up the living space. This allows compact living to feel light and open, with simple controls to flood the trailer with light during the day whilst making for a dark and restful night.